There are three key Boolean operators in use within the search panel. These must be input in CAPITALS:

  • OR: means that that if either term is found then the item will be returned. For example, green OR blue will return any item that has either 'green' or 'blue' within it.

  • AND: means both terms must be present, so a query of green AND blue will only return items where both terms are found within a single item.

  • NOT: means do not return items that show this term. So green NOT blue means all items with 'green' in them will be returned unless they also have the word 'blue' as well.

  • Please note that NOR, XOR, NAND are not supported.

There are three additional useful Term modifiers - ( ), ""

  • Parentheses: If you enter green AND blue OR purple it will return any items that have both green and blue plus any items that have purple. But if you enter green AND (blue OR purple) then it will return any item that has both green and blue or green and purple.

  • Double Quotes: If you put text in quotes it will find an exact match only. "green blue" will return only items which include that exact term. Items which include “blue green” or where both words are found in separate places, will not be retrieved.  Note: An Asteriskwithin Double Quotes will be ignored.

Spelling, lower/upper case lettering

Both American and British English spelling exist in Dimensions. In most cases, searching for one variant will also bring back results for the other, e.g. a search for 'aging' will also return results including 'ageing'. If you should come across examples where this isn't the case, please let us know via the 'Send Feedback' option in the 'Support' menu at the top.

Boolean operators need to be capitalized, however for other words capitals are not considered, and will return the same results whether or not letters of a keyword are in upper or lower case.