A Category in Dimensions represents a topic, such as “Neurosciences”, “Materials Engineering” or “Human Geography”. The standard research categorisation system that we use in Dimensions is the Fields of Research (FOR) system. This includes categories for all of the main areas of research, and these can therefore be used to search through Dimensions data. For example, applying a filter of “Genetics” will return all documents which are defined as being in the Genetics category, and this can be combined with keywords or any other search filter to find results. When new data comes into the Dimensions system it is automatically allocated into each and every appropriate category into which it belongs. This means that categories can quickly and easily be used to search Dimensions or filter any list of results from a search.

The Fields of Research (FOR) classification is a component of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) system, developed in 2008. It allows all R&D activity to be categorized using a single system. We have used a reverse engineering technique, based on machine learning, where a corpus of manually coded grants are examined and the manual codes applied are reproduced by the algorithm. This is then checked against actual codes, and changes made to improve the algorithm.