What is ORCiD?

The ORCID iD is a unique identifier that researchers can use to distinguish themselves from other researchers and connect with their grants, works, and affiliations. ORCiD is the de-facto international standard for researcher unique identifiers, and is used in many key research processes such as submission of manuscripts, application for grants, and management of research information. ORCiD identifiers are now mandated by many funding and research institutions in order to aid their internal record keeping and processes in this way.

Dimensions is using ORCID, amongst other information, to improve researcher disambiguation and to provide additional information about researchers. Researchers can also use Dimensions to add publications to their ORCID record with one click, and with the ÜberWizard we provide another free and open service which allows researchers to add grants to their ORCID record quickly and easily.

It is now possible in Dimensions to add publications directly to your ORCiD record by linking your accounts. The ability to add other work such as grants, patents and clinical trials, is coming soon.

How can I claim publications for my ORCiD record through Dimensions?

As a researcher you can now use Dimensions to add publications to your ORCID record. Instructions:

Make sure you’re signed in to Dimensions. If you are not signed in already, sign in or create an account and then sign in.

Authenticate with ORCID. Click on your name in the top navigation bar and select “Connect with ORCID”. Follow the instructions: You will be asked to login to ORCID and grant Dimensions access to your ORCID record, allowing us to update your record.

Claim papers. On both the publication results list and all publication details pages you will see buttons “Add to ORCID”. You can now search for specific publications or your name to find your publications in Dimensions. Claim publications individually by clicking the “Add to ORCID”.

Dimensions is using ORCID records and publication claims via Dimensions to automatically determine researcher profiles. Indexing new claims from your ORCID record currently takes approximately 8 weeks, i.e. it can take up to 8 weeks until your new claims will be incorporated into your public Dimensions profile.