Different data sources and metric indicators are updated at different frequencies in Dimensions: 

  • Publications, clinical trials and policy documents are updated daily.

  • Patents data is updated weekly.

  • Grants data is updated monthly.

  • Baseset data (e.g. new journals, researcher profiles, clinical trial registries, patent offices) is updated 2-4 times a year.

  • Metrics are updated either daily (citations, recent citations, Altmetric attention scores) or ca. 2-4 times a year (FCR, RCR).

These are the frequencies at which the Dimensions team checks for updates to data, or new data, and integrates it. However, it may not mean that new data will be available from all monitored sources. For example, some funders may only release new funding data 2-3 times a year or less, meaning that their funding data will only also be updated in the Dimensions system at the same frequency.