The Dimensions Analytics API provides access to Dimensions data directly, and makes it possible to retrieve results to precise and complex queries. These are performed using the Dimensions Search Language (DSL), our own domain specific language. DSL expresses queries using terms and structures relevant to the Dimensions data.

Subscription required

Access to the Dimensions Analytics API requires an existing organizational subscription to Dimensions Analytics.

If you're not sure about your organization's access status, please simply contact us with your name and organisation via the “Support” button (then select “Send Feedback”) in Dimensions, and we will be in touch soon.

If you'd like to explore getting access to the API as part of a Dimensions Analytics subscription for your organization, please request a demo or quote.

Access via the web application

To access the Dimensions Analytics API via the user interface, click the "Workflow" menu at the top and select "API". If this menu or the API option within it is not available to you, your organization may not subscribe to Dimensions, the API may not be included in your organization's license, or it may need to be switched on for your user account first.

Programmatic access

To access the API programmatically (e.g. via a Python script, Jupyter Notebook or the Google Sheets Add-on) you will need an API key. Provided the API has been enabled for your account, go to My Account > General Settings > API key and click "Create API key". For more information on programmatic access via different methods, please check the API documentation under "API access".

API documentation and further information