If your content has been registered with one of our indexing sources, but it is not showing up in Dimensions, there may be various reasons for this, including:

The type of publication is currently not supported.

For example, we only index the following publication types from Crossref: Journal Article, Proceedings Article, Book, Edited Book, Reference Book, Monograph, Book Chapter (unless it's part of a Monograph), Posted Content (only from whitelisted preprint repositories).

The content is missing required metadata.

If your publication is missing mandatory metadata, for example a title, it will be automatically excluded from indexing.

The content was only recently added to the source.

Please allow at least 5-10 days for our harvesting process to pick up the content and process it.

The content has a publication date in the future.

If your content has a publication date with a year in the future, it will be excluded from display initially. We start showing publications with a publication date in the next year in August each year.

None of the above reasons apply - what should I do?

If you have made sure that none of the reasons listed above apply in your case, please get in touch with our support team, providing at least the (Crossref) DOI or PubMed ID of your publication.